‘Enjoy 1’ bundle (for a stay 1 – 5 days)

13,95€ /day

‘Enjoy 2’ bundle (for a stay 5 – 14 days)

12,50€ /day

‘Enjoy 3’ bundle (for a stay more then 14 days)

11€ /day

Day care for the dog

from 19€ /day for small and medium-sized dogs

from 25€/day for large dogs

For more than 14 days, or a stay for more than one cat, special conditions apply, and the price is agreed with the business owner.
For two or more cats from the same owner staying together in one cat house a 50% discount applies.
Cat litter, treats and cat grass are included in the above-named prices.
Possibility to bring your own food, and use of our CoCo food 3,50€  per day.
The service of keeping your pet is 50% more than the usual price on holidays.

Special services
Day care (up to 8 h per day – food, treats and cat litter included)

12,50€ /day

To give a Medical therapy to the cat

3,50 €

SPA treatment for cats staying in the hotel (ear clean up, combing and special fur care)


Vet visit

15,95€ + treatment costs

Transportation (up to 20 km)

15,00 €

One walk of your pet is included in these prices, and each subsequent walk costs an additional €5 per walk