Hello, my cat fellowes...

Your ‘Hoomans’ are leaving again and you don’t know who is minding you?
I know, this was so stressful for you before…, but not anymore, meeeeow

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I have some great news – you are always welcome to stay with us in our CoCo Cat Hotel & Pet Resort!

Natali is here to greet you. Believe me she must be have been a cat in her previous life…meeeow, and of course, I am here as well, CoCo the cat.


It’s mad here – climbing, jumping, and having endless fun to the roof and back, or you can just be lazy – as you wish, it’s totally up to you! The toys here are amazing! You can scratch your soul out and play around until you drop to the fluffiest bed you have seen. Natali did everything for you not to be bored in  CoCo Cat Hotel & Pet Resort! , meeeeoww, and playing with her is beyond your wildest imagination.


The houses are totally clean and comfy! We can be together or apart, whatever you are in the mood for, as this is how it is in the CoCo Cat Hotel & Pet Resort!. Every kitty has its own litter box with an amazing Flamingo litter, which doesn’t smell at all, btw.


And the food…mmmm, there is so much nice food (unless you’re on a reduced nutrition program), but even this is amazing, without artificial additives and colours.

I could be meowing on an amazing time you will have here in the CoCo Cat Hotel & Pet Resort! until tomorrow, or you can just give a phone to your ‘Hooman’ to ring Natali



There are some formalities like vaccination, booking up the appointment, and meeeoww, meeeeoww, whatever, as I am just a little CoCo can’t remember everything.

If needed, a visit of a vet can be arranged, and FYI Dugi Dog is totally amazing too.

Flees are not welcome, though!